The Therapy Rooms

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Workplace Health & Well-being

Want to reduce your company's absence rates?

According to the Office of National Statistics Scotland has the 2nd highest rate of workplace absence in the UK. Unsurprisingly one of the biggest causes of staff absence  is  musculoskeletal  related conditions (18.6%) with mental health issues being reported at 7.7%.

On-site massage

On-site massage has become a popular and effective method of reducing work based health issues such as muscloskeletal pain, stress and anxiety. Companies of all sizes incorporate on-site massage within the workplace, many as part of the Healthy Working Lives programme. My recent career included significant input into the Healthy Working Lives programme as a local workplace coordinator and have a good understanding of the health & well-being requirements in the workplace. 

How does it work?

Provided there is a suitable room available short massage therapy sessions can be delivered on an on-site massage chair or depending on the environment therapy couches may be available. Payments for treatment are often subsidised by the employer and time given to the staff in order to undertake therapies or flexi time is sometimes permitted.

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